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Porto Montenegro Draws Foreigners to Invest in Montenegro

There are many advantages to real estate investments abroad. What if you had the choice to buy a cutting-edge property, invest in an emerging luxury destination, and obtain citizenship in one of the most up-and-coming European locations? Then look at Tivat, which has a beautiful setting and is home to Porto Montenegro, a paradise on the water. Porto Montenegro has turned the small Balkan country that used to be part of Yugoslavia into a hub for wealthy people looking for luxury. Recognized as the World’s Best Superyacht Marina in 2021, this impressive port has Platinum status and is regarded as the top marina in the Mediterranean. It should come as no surprise that the massive success of this luxury cruise destination has drawn the attention of international entrepreneurs looking for the hottest new location for overseas investment. Savvy investors are looking to invest in Montenegro near this trendy urban community near Porto Montenegro.

Why Invest In Montenegro?

Montenegro is one of Europe’s most alluring vacation spots, drawing international visitors to its shores seeking to explore its crystalline blue waters and untamed mountainous terrain. Porto Montenegro, a five-star waterfront and thriving community that welcomes visitors from all over the world, is a luxury center within a UNESCO World Heritage site and the ideal location for an exclusive summer escape. Additionally, Montenegro is quickly emerging as one of Europe’s most business-focused economies. It has a lot to offer business owners, including lax regulations and a favorable tax rate. The vibrant marina location of Porto Montenegro is fast becoming a desirable choice for foreigners to invest in Montenegro, mainly as there are three international airports within a short driving distance. With a guaranteed client base of high-profile tenants, it is easy to see why Montenegro real estate is hot property.

The Heritage of Porto Montenegro

It’s difficult to believe that less than 20 years ago, Tivat, Montenegro’s shoreline was a dilapidated port with a stone wall obstructing its outstanding coastal views, standing in the superyacht marina and surrounded by its gorgeous Venetian-Renaissance architecture.

When a group of businessmen led by Canadian business tycoon Peter Munk purchased the property in 2007, rumors about his plan to turn the former Yugoslav naval facility into an opulent marina caused a stir. Peter had the vision to invest in Montenegro and create a much-needed alternative for elite globetrotters. He envisioned an exclusive haven for superyacht owners that incorporated the class on Monaco in a more intimate setting. The deep waters of Kotor offered the perfect conditions for superyachts, according to the Canadian billionaire, who had firsthand knowledge of the Mediterranean’s strong demand and scarce superyacht facilities.

What Porto Montenegro has to Offer

Since its debut in 2006, Porto Montenegro has grown into a premium lifestyle community with exclusive waterfront serviced apartments, high-end boutiques, and upscale restaurants. Porto Montenegro is said to have been built by mariners for mariners and boasts approximately 450 berths that can accommodate 850 vessels, 300 of which are designated for superyachts. For those looking for a relaxing day at sea or those on a yachting adventure cruising the Adriatic, the marina has created a sophisticated and integrated waterfront residence.

This urban community has been created for year-round living, emphasizing well-being and health, while the waterfront area is developing further. Porto Montenegro’s waterfront neighborhood has been the catalyst for other businesses to invest in Montenegro. It now hosts over 55 retailers, bars, and eateries, including the venerable Yacht Club complex with a sailing school and various leisure pursuits, along with an on-site Knightsbridge Schools International. The Yacht Club has outstanding amenities, including a 64-meter infinity pool, a wine bar, and an Ultra lounge. This creates a full spectrum of possibilities to engage in a distinctive lifestyle.

Porto Montenegro stands out as the most attractive and exciting location in the area, as Montenegro welcomes an increasing number of foreign visitors. Visitors can expect to have unique experiences, see incredible vistas, and become infatuated with everything but an ordinary lifestyle there. With people from over 40 different nations relocating to Montenegro to live, travel, and work in luxury, the diverse and multicultural society of Porto Montenegro reflects its trend as a destination for the “global citizen.”

Time to Invest in Montenegro

At Royal Blue Montenegro, we share Peter Munk’s vision of investing in Montenegro. That’s why we chose Tivat, less than ten minutes from Porto Montenegro, to create our luxury serviced apartment complex. Keeping with this high-end location’s elite nature and impeccable style, our serviced apartments provide an attractive opportunity to buy property in Montenegro. As the luxury travel market is set to flourish in this beautiful country, there has never been a better time to enter the emerging Montenegro real estate market. Get in touch with our team to start your investment journey.

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