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Montenegro is one of the most advantageous countries where you can get a residence permit through investment, whose economy is in a growth trend and is at the last stage in the process of joining the European Union. Owning a property here and obtaining a residence permit provide you with many opportunities. As a foreign investor, when you buy property in Montenegro, you get a temporary residence permit to be renewed every year. You can later change this to permanent residence permit.

How to Get a Residence Permit in Montenegro?

You can obtain a temporary residence permit by purchasing any of the properties of a house, apartment or holiday home. Despite this, you cannot get a residence permit by investing in agricultural land in Montenegro. The investment you are purchasing must be a residence in Montenegro.
Temporary residence permit in Montenegro is provided for 12 months and in addition, it is renewed every year as long as you are here. In order to obtain a residence permit under Montenegrin law, you must own 50% or more property rights on the property. For a residence permit, the owner must be in Montenegro for at least 11 months of the year. If you spend at least 11 months of the year in Montenegro for 5 years, you can also have a permanent residence permit. Besides, if you want citizenship, there are different procedures and you must submit an application.

Residence Permit Advantages in Montenegro

Montenegro is located 1-2 hours from European cities. It is an attractive investment center with the fastest growing country in the Balkans and constantly developing tourism activities. Montenegro is also one of the most ecological countries in Europe. If you have a residence permit, you will have many opportunities along with its natural beauties, trade center ports, quality of life in European standards.

It is one of the best options to invest with its increasing number of tourists, growing economy every year and being a safe country. After the EU accession is completed, people with a residence permit await a life with high living standards. You can get a residence permit as a real estate owner in this beautiful country where you will feel totally European.

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Those who want a residence permit in Montenegro and want to buy a valuable property prefer Tivat-Kotor and Budva, which are coastal and port cities.

Located in Tivat Montenegro, the project Royal Blue Montenegro provides you with all the advantages of real estate investment, while at the same time giving you a luxurious life. The project was built with the concept of “Serviced Apartment” and Zen details were used in its design. Different from a classic apartment, the project provides you a complete luxury facility service with the quality of their facilities areas. The project, which has a unique adriatic sea and mountain view due to its location, brings together nature and luxury.

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