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How would you like to go on a delicious journey in Montenegro? Montenegrin cuisine offers you many gastronomic beauties. If you come here, we have compiled traditional dishes that you must try in Montenegro.


Ćevapi is a taste you can see in all Balkan countries. Ćevapi are small pieces of meat with mixed spices that are grilled. It is served with potato, cheese, onion, and mixed vegetables. It would be best if you tried this dish.


If you are looking for a warm, tasty, fast, and cheap meal that can be eaten anytime in the morning or evening, your choice should be Burek. Many different types of Burek, which you can find in most bakeries in Montenegro, are also made. We recommend you to try the ones with cheese, minced meat, and spinach.

Lamb in Milk

Here is an authentic Montenegrin traditional dish, lamb in milk, that you can try in local restaurants. Lamb cooked with spices, rosemary, parsley, garlic, and milk in a large bowl placed in charcoal; this way becomes soft and delicious. Root vegetables accompany the meal. It would best if you tried this dish, especially in restaurants in high mountain regions.

Black Risotto

We have another delicious suggestion for those who want to try different tastes. You can try this meal, which looks black due to the cuttlefish’ color in Montenegrin seafood restaurants. Do not judge by its color because it tastes delicious and filling. It can be served with bay leaf, garlic, and vegetables. Black Risotto will go well with white wine.


Would you like to have your meal at sunset while watching the Adriatic view in Montenegro? So an excellent meal recommendation for you is Buzara. Montenegrin cuisine contains many types of seafood. One of them is Buzara. Seafood (mostly shrimp and squid) kept in a white wine sauce is cooked with garlic. A wonderful flavor that you can eat with your friends on a beautiful summer evening.

What’s Else in Montenegro?

Although Montenegro is a small country, it fascinates those who come here with its unique traditions, culture, and food. It is ideal for living in a peaceful atmosphere. You can also read our article about the advantages of owning a house here. Royal Blue Montenegro has thought of every detail carefully so that you can experience all the benefits of Montenegro. In RB Montenegro, the most beautiful Tivat region project, you can experience a peaceful life in touch with nature. Moreover, owning a house in the project designed with Zen luxury is affordable. You can get detailed information by contacting us now.

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