Pearl of Balkans


Miniscule Montenegro packs a lot of beauty and adventure into its tiny borders. Montenegro is a Balkan country near Serbia, Kosovo, and Albania. Throughout this small country are rustic landscapes with towering mountains, stunning coastlines, and well-kept heritage sites. The Riviera’s are famous destinations for several cruise ships and travelers. Away from the seaside areas, Montenegro also has a National Park with a large beautiful lake for camping, hiking, and sightseeing activities. For religious activities, they have 17th century monasteries and churches are open for pilgrimages and as tourist destinations. With their development of Adventure Tourism, the country offers thrilling physical activities like climbing, white water rafting, scuba diving and many others.

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The central location of Montenegro enables the country to be reached within 1-2 hours flight from most European cities, it also accesses the perfect sea routes to get connected with the rest of the world. Besides the accessibility comfort, the location also allows the country to have a very appealing landscape full of stunning views such as the sea, mountains, lakes, islands and canyons.


Montenegro has been using the Euro currency since 2001 and the economic growth declared to be an average of 3.4% since 2004. With many investment opportunities, Montenegro has an income tax rate of 9% and offers low rate advantages for new investing companies. Also, the same rights and terms are applied for companies held by Montenegro citizens and for foreign-held companies. Tourism and real estate are in the top industries and have indicated a large development drawing around 3.5 billion Euros to the economy in recent years.


The Tivat area has become one of the most popular destinations for high-profile tourists and celebrities with its world-famous Marina Porto Montenegro. On the other hand, the extension of the Tivat International Airport, which is the second international airport of Montenegro, will lead to a significant increase in flight quantity from many Europian cities. There are multi-billion Euros infrastructure and hospitality investments in the region. Our Project is also only 1 hour away from International Dubrovnik airport.


In accordance with the Law on Foreigners applicable as of April 2015 by the Government of Montenegro, a foreigner who owns real estate on the territory of Montenegro is able to obtain a temporary Montenegrin residence permit that can be renewed annually, provided that the property in question is an apartment, house, condo, hotel or a restaurant. Unlike many other European countries, there are no limitations in relation to the value or size of the property.


Montenegro is a politically stable country that is already a member of the EN, NATO, WTO, OECD, Council of Europe and Mediterranean Union and soon-to-be EU. Besides its well-functioning health system overall, the country has fully-fledged public and private hospitals in every city. There are many public and private schools that have a global reputation and opportunity.  Montenegro has also been providing pre-university education for children of immigrant families for twelve years.

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