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Why Invest in Montenegro


A seasoned investor will tell you that the best moment to enter a market is just as it is beginning to build up momentum. Why? Because this is when the opportunity to earn considerable profits is highest. This is giving investors enthusiasm to invest in Montenegro. This little Eastern European nation has experienced rapid growth in recent years, and all indications point to more expansion. Montenegro is right in the middle of the Mediterranean and is one of the most popular places to visit in Europe right now. In addition, the country’s popularity with tourists, buyers of second homes, and international nomads make Montenegro a desirable investment market.

Despite recent global struggles, Montenegro has continued to uphold its credibility as a secure investment place. As more investors choose Montenegro as a place to safeguard their investment, the country’s real estate industry expands considerably each year. Montenegro has an outstanding natural heritage, an open economic policy, and a business-friendly atmosphere, which have drawn much foreign interest in investing in Montenegro. Let’s explore the primary reasons for investing in this up-and-coming Balkan country.  

The Economy in Montenegro

The economy of Montenegro is currently among the most active and dynamic in the entire Balkan region. Since gaining independence in 2006, the economy has grown steadily, surpassing the GDP per capita of Serbia, Macedonia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Moreover, because of its size and openness, Montenegro’s economy fits neatly into the patterns of foreign direct investment (FDI) worldwide, making it an ideal place for investors. Therefore, one of the main goals is to attract foreign investments, with the hope of having favorable consequences such as stimulating the expansion of the production sector and, subsequently, creating new jobs by founding new enterprises and companies.

A Welcoming Regulatory Climate

The regulatory climate in Montenegro is favorable to foreign investors. Taxes are modest at 9% for both income and company tax. Buying a home is simple, and foreign buyers can purchase and rent their property under the same terms as Montenegrins. No matter the price, they can also get a residency visa by buying property. International investors have the freedom to transfer money, assets, and other resources, including profits and dividends, to any sector of the economy. Foreign investors are treated equally with domestic investors and receive beneficial national treatment.

Montenegro's Stability

It is well known that Montenegro is a highly safe and stable nation. In 2017, it joined NATO and is currently en route to the European Union. Over the past ten years, the country’s overall standard of living has dramatically increased, and the business environment is now incredibly welcoming. The fact that overseas investors receive the same treatment as domestic ones is crucial to note.

Residency and Citizenship by Investment Program

The Montenegrin government has offered excellent incentives to foreign investors through a residency permit and the 2019-2021 Montenegrin Citizenship by Investment program. You can get a residency permit simply by owning a property regardless of its value. If you keep the property for five years, you can apply for permanent residency.

Benefits of Investing in Montenegro Real Estate

Montenegro exhibits all the qualities of a prosperous location for upscale travel. Its unique natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, proximity to the Adriatic Sea, and pleasant Mediterranean climate make it an attractive place for tourism growth. As a result, Montenegro is one of the leading destinations for tourism growth, and the exclusive Porto Montenegro attracts premium crowds. These factors are having a positive impact on Montenegro’s real estate market.  

Montenegro’s property prices are going up again after a big drop caused by the pandemic in 2020. Prices had dropped more than 11% the previous quarter before rising more than 20% year-on-year by March 2021. The possibility of acquiring property at relatively low prices and the potential for quick price increases make Montenegro real estate appealing from an investor standpoint. In addition, market distortion caused by the pandemic has opened up a rare window of opportunity for astute investors to buy property in Montenegro.

Location is one of the most important parts of investing in real estate because it has a big effect on how likely it is that the value will go up. Properties by the coast are a terrific option for buyers who want to experience coastal living or for investors looking to rent out properties at higher prices because they are more in demand for both long-term and vacation rentals. Much of the property in Montenegro is close to the sea, so if you are looking for a healthy real estate investment opportunity, this charming nation should be at the top of your list. Our luxury serviced apartments at Royal Blue Montenegro are near Porto Montenegro, which is one of the best places to be on the coast in the country.

Montenegro’s New Real Estate Project: Royal Town Kotor

We have an exciting solution if you want a property that ticks all the boxes for a real estate investment in Montenegro. After the incredible popularity and massive success of Royal Blue Montenegro project, we have expanded our reach to Kotor. We are pleased to present our latest project, Royal Town Kotor. This complex of luxury apartments is brand new to the Montenegro real estate market, crafted with cutting-edge design, and equipped with luxury facilities. Different types of apartments and studios are available, each with immaculately finished interiors. The complex has an infinity swimming pool, a yoga studio, a recreation area, and sports facilities, among other top-notch amenities.

Kotor, a little city in Montenegro, is a jewel of the Balkans. It is a picture-perfect tiny town on a bay with expansive views of the sea and mountains, surrounded by a superb blend of natural beauty and heritage. The city has an unparalleled sense of atmosphere, stunning architecture, and fascinating history. The Medieval Old City of Kotor is the best preserved in the Mediterranean! Connections to both Tivat International airport and the luxury marina at Porto Montenegro are easy, too; you can reach either in under 15 minutes. Furthermore, Kotor’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Cultural Site, so you can’t beat Kotor in terms of location for Montenegro real estate.

Invest in Montenegro with API Investment

Finding the right property to buy in Montenegro has never been easier. Royal Blue Montenegro has the perfect fit if you’re looking for a lavish apartment in the most suitable location with breathtaking views and convenient access to first-rate services. Thanks to API Investment, investors from all over the world can now buy a home in Montenegro and start investing in serviced accommodation. With the distinctive investment approach and success of the Royal Blue Montenegro project and our exciting new project Royal Town Kotor, you can invest in Montenegro and benefit from this emerging market with a potential for excellent capital growth. Join our webinar series to keep up to date with the latest news. Feel free to get in touch with us to find out more about our unique plan for investing in luxury serviced apartments.

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