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Why Serviced Apartments are better investment than Residential Units in Montenegro?

In Montenegro, Government gives a specific amount of sm2 construction allowance to the developers. Developers need to settle on either to construct all this allowed construction area as a sellable section or to use some part of it as common facilities areas such as reception, gym sauna and so on.  As a result of this situation, the developer will have to increase the sale price to balance the general profits margins of the project.

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What is our strategy in Royal Blue Montenegro Serviced Apartments?

We have used around 25% of our construction allowance in the project as common facilities. In the end, we have created a unique design with luxury facilities in Royal Blue Montenegro. On the other hand, we have reflected the cost at the minimum level to our prices so that our investors can get a high ROI with the unique ZEN CONCEPT management.

What are the benefits of Serviced Apartments for the Investors:

  • Investors can earn over 50% higher returns than residential properties
  • Properties will be kept in excellent condition by the management company
  • Investors will have an easy exit strategy
  • The investors can use the property at certain times for their usage, and the property will create high returns for the rest of the time.
  • The investor can have more stable returns and never have to deal with tenants or management problems.
  • Higher appreciation potential
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