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Montenegro, one of the six countries of the former Yugoslavia, formed the New Yugoslavia with Serbia after the dissolution of the Yugoslavia union, and in 2006 it separated from Serbia and became the independent Republic of Montenegro. Montenegro’s neighboring countries are Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Let’s look at the unique history of Montenegro, peaceful, welcoming, environmentalist, and pearl of the Balkans.

The Roman Empire dominated the lands of Montenegro in BC. But, Slavic tribes from Russia began to settle in the 6th century. The kingdoms that dominated here fought first with the Venetians and then with the Ottoman army. After the 1st Kosovo war that took place, part of the Montenegrin territory joined the Ottoman Empire. After 1878, the Montenegro region separated from the Ottoman Empire and became independent again. In 1910, it strengthened its power as the kingdom of Montenegro.

During the First World War, Montenegro sided with Serbia, Slovenia, and their allies. Montenegro also suffered many casualties during the war. After this war, Montenegro was included in the Croatian-Serbian-Slovenian kingdom in 1918. This kingdom was named Yugoslavia in 1929. After World War II, Montenegro strengthened its state status. It achieved to become one of the six republics of the Yugoslav union. After the dissolution of the former Yugoslav federation, Montenegro and Serbia remained together, forming the Republic of Serbia and Montenegro. Montenegrin people elected the independence in the referendum held in 2006, and Montenegro, which was also accepted by the UN after this date, became an officially recognized independent country

Although Montenegro is a small country, it has managed to preserve its unique culture. When you come to Montenegro, you will notice that this country has carried its historical traces to modern times very well. You can get a residence permit by investing in Montenegro, which combines all its historical and cultural features with its unique natural beauties.

With the completion of the European Union accession process, your property in Montenegro will increase in value. Now is the time to invest in Royal Blue Montenegro, the pearl of Tivat with its luxurious Zen design and Serviced Apartment concept!

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