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Nowadays, serviced apartments are very popular among the kinds of real estate investments.

With Covid-19

There have been many innovations in the world and in the real property investment industry too. People are looking for different real estate solutions that will make their lives easier. We design all our projects with the feedback from our customers and to provide the best service. The concept of serviced apartments will be included more in your life with our Royal Blue Montenegro project which is in Montenegro for property investment.

Well, the most curious question is, how the changes we have experienced in each area have increased the importance of the service offices with the Covid-19 into our lives and how we can benefit our customers. Let examine them in detail.


What are Serviced Apartments in General?

Serviced apartments are a kind of real estate management with many ready-made services benefit. It is definitely more than a hotel. You can rent it for daily or longer periods, which provides flexible rentals. The apartments are very spacious and comfortable, and you also have a much more economical apartment than the hotel. Thus, you experience the comfort of the apartment with hotel services at affordable prices!

  • Daily cleaning is done hygienically for Covid-19
  • You get contactless service with room service
  • Prices are much more affordable than the hotel
  • Ready furnished, living space apartments

You are in Safe for Covid-19 with Daily Cleaning

One of the best advantages of the Serviced Apartment concept for Covid-19 is that your apartment is daily cleaned. You don’t have to worry about daily cleaning fees such as cleaning inside the apartments. We do the daily cleaning for you! More than a hotel and more than a simple apartment. Also, cleaning in our apartments is always done according to Covid-19 standards and hygienic protocols. We take all precautions in our apartments to protect you against Covid-19.

Contactless Service with Room Service

You will have room service like a hotel with Royal Blue Montenegro, this service will be offered in the comfort of the apartment and in the privacy for your own apartment. We prepare your desired service hygienically and bring it to your door. This way you can safely stay.

Comfortable Apartments with Ready Furniture

A good apartment is important for those who seek peace in the living spaces. The additional living spaces and the privacy of the apartments attract all the attention. In the living spaces, there are common facilities such as a gym, a spa salon, pools and a reception. Having ready furnished form also makes our investors happy. In many models, you can make the desired investment for the apartment.

Would you like to make a real estate investment in Montenegro?

Serviced apartments are very advantageous, but if you want to invest smart in such a hard period of time (Covid-19), it is even more advantageous to invest in real estate investment in Montenegro for sale. Because it will take place in the European Union in a very short time.

If you want to make smarter investments in Covid-19 period, Serviced Apartments are waiting for you with the advantages that do not count.

We kept the prices to a minimum so that you can get high return on property investment. Would you like to experience all the advantages mentioned above in the comfort of the apartment? Then you can get detailed information by meeting with our experts. If you want to subscribe to our Royal Blue Montenegro Youtube channel and be more informed about our projects, you can reach from above link

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