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Being an investor in Tivat-Kotor Region is very advantageous in every respect. It reflects the perfect harmony of the Balkans and the Mediterranean with its location, natural beauty, cultural heritage.

Tivat is located in the Bay of Kotor in the southwest of Montenegro and the heart of the Adriatic Sea. Attracting attention with its geographical location, transportation, natural beauty, climate and tourism, Tivat is a good opportunity for those who want to invest in real estate.

Royal Blue Montenegro in Tivat, designed with the luxury Serviced Apartment concept, offers great opportunities for those who want to invest here.

The Natural Beauties of ‘’Adriatic Pearl’’ Tivat

Tivat is a beautiful city with great beaches, streets, museums, villages and a marina for those who want to invest. Tivat is a cute European city where you can feel the Mediterranean climate with natural beauties with its stunning and preserved nature. It will give you a good experience in owning a home and making a smart investment here while all these natural beauties are still preserved.

A Luxury Experience in Mediterranean Nature: RB Montenegro

Royal Blue Montenegro is at the heart of all these natural beauties. In the project, which has a panoramic view of the Adriatic Sea and the mountains, we wanted to combine natural beauty with a luxurious lifestyle and offer it to investors.

Invest Now in RBM Tivat with its Luxury Lifestyle and Unique Nature!

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Tivat’s Prestigious Location

Tivat-Kotor has been the center of trade for many years and a port city in the heart of Montenegro. In addition to being the center of trade in the Mediterranean, it has also a luxury marina. The project RB Montenegro is in one of the most beautiful spots of the Tivat region.

One of Tivat’s location advantages is Tivat International Airport. RB Montenegro’s distance to the International Tivat Airport is about 10 minutes. It is very attractive with its central location and transportation for those who want to make a smart investment!

Tourism in Tivat

The Tivat region is becoming a focal point of tourism with its unique nature and cultural heritage. It combines the cultures of the Balkans and the Mediterranean, as well as the perfect combination of natural beauty and the Adriatic Sea. This ensures an increase in income in the tourism sector every year, especially in Tivat. According to researchers, if you have a luxurious and smart investment in Montenegro, especially in the Tivat-Kotor region, it will increase the value of your investment day by day with the number of tourists doubling every year. The advantages of owning and investing in Royal Blue Montenegro are endless! Who does not want to make such an advantageous investment from Montenegro, whose EU membership is finalized by 2025?

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