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1. The Natural Beauties of Montenegro

The first thing that comes to mind when you say Montenegro is the Adriatic Sea and its wonderful nature. The bays, historical streets, museums, commercial center and Porto Montenegro, all these natural beauties make it attractive to invest in this glamorous city. With its beautiful beaches, bays, coastline, every point is an advantage in terms of real estate investment. All these natural beauties add value to your investment because Montenegro is becoming a place that is more known and people want to come.

2. Economic Stability and Trust

Whether you are an investor or just thinking about investing for your future plan, Montenegro is a stable country both economically and politically. It is in an economic growth trend. It is very advantageous for those who want to live here and want to invest. You can consider real estate investment in Montenegro with confidence and prosperity.

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3. EU Membership Accession At The Final Stage

In addition to its stable economic structure, Montenegro is now considered to be an EU accession candidate country and EU accession until 2025. Nato membership was in 2017. With all these steps taken, you can become an investor with an easier process because the EU process has not been completed yet.

4. Opening to the World from Montenegro

Montenegro attracts attention with its central location, 1-2 hours to most European cities. After you make your investment, you can now open up to the world because you are in Europe and your location is central. You interact with all other countries from the heart of the Mediterranean in Tivat, an important port city. At the same time, Montenegro is a synthesis right in the middle of the Mediterranean and Balkan cultures!

5. Investments are Valued in Montenegro

Montenegro has recently attracted the attention of investors because the increase in the sales and rental values of the investments made here makes investors happy. Montenegro has been using the Euro currency since 2002, and economic growth has been averaging 3.4% since 2004. With many investment opportunities, Montenegro has a 9% income tax rate and offers low rate benefits for new investment companies.

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