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Montenegro is an attractive real estate investment center that can be preferred safely for investors. Royal Blue Montenegro, with its serviced apartment concept, allows you to experience all the privileges of owning a property in the heart of Montenegro, in Tivat, with its unique Adriatic Sea view and natural beauty. All the project details reflect the luxury of Zen, affordable, in the center of Balkan Mediterranean civilizations, an unmissable opportunity for investors.

As RB Montenegro real estate project experts, what advice do we say for those considering an investment in Montenegro?

1. Don’t Be Limited To Local Real Estate

In real estate investment, you can come across investment options in various regions. Among these options, besides domestic investments, properties in other countries should also be among your preferences. Our advice is not to be limited to local real estate. You can also consider land investment from advantageous regions in the foreign real estate market area and projects with a growing trend. In particular, Montenegro is a country of opportunity in this respect. The fact that it is at the last stage in the EU accession process, its location is 1-2 hours away from European cities, its natural beauties, a safe country, and its increasingly growing tourism activities increase the value of your investment. The Tivat-Kotor region is in a very enticing location for investment and will grow further in the future.

2. Plan the Best Investment for Your Budget

Those who want to invest should first review the budget. Then set the maximum price you can pay for an investment. After planning your final budget, you can examine the options in more detail accordingly. Your goal should be to find an advantageous location and the most suitable place for your budget and consider all the points before investing.
With Royal Blue Montenegro, which has a Zen luxury design and Serviced Apartment concept, you can buy 5-star hotel luxury and service at much more affordable prices in the comfort of home. At the same time, you can own property at even more affordable prices with the “fractional ownership” shares.

RB Montenegro with luxury Zen Serviced Apartments concept, the most attractive project in Montenegro, Invest now!

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3. Consider High-Revenue Return on Property in the Long Term

The first criterion that those who plan to invest in is looking for investment is usually how much time the property will be valued. Your property investment should be in an attractive region that is in a growing trend. Thus, the sales values increase in direct proportion. For this, you should carefully examine every detail of the invested property.

Montenegro has recently been an attractive region for investors because the increase in the sales and rental values of the investments made here make investors happy. Montenegro has been using the Euro currency since 2002, and economic growth has been an average of 3.4% since 2004. Among all the investment opportunities, Montenegro has a 9% income tax rate and offers low rate benefits for new investment companies.

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