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Montenegro is a Balkan country in Southeast Europe on the Adriatic coast. The capital of Montenegro is Podgorica and its official currency is the Euro. Neighboring countries are Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, Albania and Bosnia Herzegovina. In particular, it has attracted attention with its high quality of life, growing economy and natural beauty. Would you like to learn more about Montenegro and get to know this country better? Here are 10 interesting facts about Montenegro you should know!

Ecological Montenegro

One of the most beautiful and interesting details about Montenegro is that it is one of the few countries in the world to include environmental protection in its constitution. The Constitution contains the expression “Montenegro is an ecological country”.

Tara Canyon

Tara Canyon, located within the borders of Montenegro, is the largest canyon in Europe. With its magnificent nature, unique view and mountains exceeding 2000 meters, this canyon will fascinate you. At the same time, this Canyon in Montenegro is the second largest Canyon in the world.

The Mosaic of Culture in Montenegro

Montenegro is a country that is very diverse in terms of religion, language and race. Having such diversity and peaceful coexistence makes Montenegro a livable place.

Final Stage in EU Accession

Montenegro has reached the final stage in its accession to the European Union. Its participation is considered certain among candidate countries. This positive process has made Montenegro an investment center. For more detailed information about Montenegro’s EU accession process, you can read our article on Montenegro and the European Union accession.

Unique Adriatic Beaches

Adriatic Sea generously displays all the beauty of its Nature along the entire coast of Montenegro. In Montenegro, which has a total of 117 Adriatic beaches, Ulcinj beach is the longest beach of the Adriatic Sea.

Historic Kotor Old Town

“Old Town” in Kotor is on the Unesco world heritage list! It is definitely worth seeing with its historical texture surrounded by walls. In Kotor Old Town, you will feel like you are in a time tunnel in the Middle Ages. It is a very authentic city where you can have coffee among its stone buildings. In addition, you can read in detail in our article about places to visit in Kotor.

Takes Place in WTTC List

Montenegro ranks first in the World Tourism and Travel Council on the list regarding its natural beauty and tourism potential.

Growth Trend in the Economy

Montenegro’s economy is a developing country and the government encourages investment. Recently, real estate sales here have increased considerably, especially in the pre-EU phase. The growing economy and tourism activities have also been very effective in the increase of real estate investments in Montenegro.

Where Time Stops: Montenegro

If you visit Montenegro, you will see that this charming Balkan country is such a calm and peaceful place that you may want to come here again or even get a residence permit. Your quality of life will increase a lot, especially if you are thinking of a life here! Peace and quiet are here with you.

It’s Time to Invest in Property, RB Montenegro!

As a property owner in Montenegro, you may want to experience living in this beautiful country. With Royal Blue Montenegro, you both make a smart investment with a high return on sales and start a high quality life here. Our project was designed with the concept of “Serviced Apartment” and brought a new breath to the concept of affordable luxury house.

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