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Compared to traditional buy to let properties, serviced apartments offer a multitude of financial benefits. Now more than ever we are being careful with the way we do everything.
The ongoing 2020 economic and health crisis are changing the mentalities. Travellers around the world will make different choices for their holiday and are already seeing an increase in apartment and villa bookings. These types of holidays are taking over the traditional hotel or resorts bookings.

Serviced apartments offer the same luxury then a hotel but with added space and a much safer environment. From an investor point of view capitalising on serviced apartments is giving you the opportunity to generate steady rent and make profits over the years. Montenegro and especially the famous area of Tivat is not an exception with these new holidays’ trends.

Royal Blue Montenegro allows investors to ride this new wave and make the best investment of 2020.

Why Serviced Apartments So Good for The Investors?

They Provide A Guaranteed Rental Income

Serviced apartment agreements often put the risk of vacancy on the operator of the block of serviced apartments. This means that the operator leases each individual property from its owner for a fixed price and then rents the apartments to people seeking accommodation.
In this model, a fixed rate is offered to the owner of the property and the owner receives rental income whether or not the unit is occupied. This alleviates the risk of long periods of vacancy that often comes with other investment properties.

They Offer Good Rental Returns

Because many serviced apartment agreements offer a fixed price to the property owner, the rate of returns can often be much higher than it is for other types of residential property. The most recent CoreLogic Hedonic Home Value Index showed that the gross rental yield across the combined capital cities is at 3%. By comparison, serviced apartments offer a net rental yield in excess of 6%.

You don’t Have to Perform Maintenance or Repairs

The ongoing maintenance and repair of a serviced apartment is carried out by the management company. This means that you won’t have to worry about handling maintenance requests from property managers or repair complaints from tenants.

Low Involvement Investment

After you have made your purchase the management company is taking care of everything for you. The serviced apartment is usually operating like a hotel room but the investor doesn’t need to get involved in the management process.

The investors are paid their rents and can use their property as agreed on their contracts.
Housekeeping and cleaning is managed by the company giving investors peace of mind about the way their property is looked after and maintained.

Comfort and Added Space

With serviced apartments you do not only have a comfortable bed and a nice bathroom, you have the luxury to enjoy the large space of a real apartment with elements you will not have in a traditional hotel room.

Serviced apartments include a kitchen, living room, and bedroom area. This makes travelling convenient for those wanting to continue cooking meals or saving money on food while away on holiday. Of course it is a must for those travelling with children and family.

Time to Invest in Royal Blue Montenegro!

The success of the investment also depends on the success of the management company renting out your apartment. The travel accommodation industry is becoming increasingly competitive, and even more since the Covid-19 pandemic as more people feel safer in the comfort of an apartment. The industry is offering travellers more choice and flexibility.

Royal Blue Montenegro stands out in the region of Tivat for its innovative and top quality serviced apartment structure.

Royal Blue Montenegro offers high quality facilities and services. We have thought of the smallest details to provide our investors and tenants with top-notch facilities and offer them the luxury of a five-star hotel with the warmth and comfort as well.

The luxury apartments are located in one of the most prestigious areas of the region and benefits from facilities like infinity pool, gym. Yoga and Pilates areas, Jacuzzi and sauna.
Invest in your future holiday heaven!

It’s Time to Invest in Property, RB Montenegro!

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