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How to Make Money on Serviced Apartments


Being a landlord is an essential business. All the tenants around the world needs a landlord to find a place to stay in. However, if you have an option of investing in real estates, you also should consider the responsibilities come with it such as maintenance, taxes, mortgage interest, landscaping, utilities, etc.

And day by day, it’s getting harder to follow all these in the contemporary era we live in as all the needs change too quickly. Eventually, most of the landlords are coming to a point where they can’t handle all the work themselves. Luckily, as the needs of this era of being a landlord change, we have a new booming market: serviced apartments!

What is Serviced Apartment?

Serviced apartments are the apartments available for a short-time or a long-time stay. It’s basically the place for you to stay between what ever dates you need. So, they’re exactly in between hotels and traditional long-term rental contracts. So, in that context, serviced apartments are a good option for business travelers that they have an unclear knowledge of how long they’re going to stay.

Why Buy Serviced Apartment in Montenegro?

Montenegro is a Balkan country, which is rich in tourism, near Serbia with its beautiful beaches and port of Kotor. With the latest developments in Montenegro, it’s estimated that the economic activity will pick up by the intensified works on large infrastructure projects, especially in the tourism sector.

Investing in Serviced Apartments Worth It?

Serviced apartments offer almost the same resources as hotels do. However, the advantages of serviced apartments are more satisfying to the customers and tenants! Serviced apartments have more space, kitchen availability, furniture and equipment with more quality. So, in this context, landlords don’t have to worry about attracting tenants or customers since serviced apartments have all the things to do that already.

Recently, serviced accommodation is experiencing a rapid growth in the economic climate. For the landlords who have found the right serviced apartment to invest in, the possibility to achieve a huge amount of increase in rent is available.

Thanks to API Group, investors from around the world now have the chance to buy a property in Montenegro and take a step into investing in serviced accommodation. With Royal Blue Montenegro project’s unique investment model, landlords don’t have to deal with all the things they usually do with their long-term real estate contracts. With the relationship we formed throughout Montenegro over the latest years, we promote the apartments on behalf of the investors effectively and the investors don’t have to get involved in maintenance and utilities of our serviced apartments.

As a management company, we keep the apartments in a good shape and also provide our investors an easy exit strategy. If you’re interested in being an investor and also enjoy and experience Montenegro’s lively environment, Royal Blue Montenegro also gives its investors the option to use the serviced apartment for certain periods, as well.


To find out more about our unique investment plan for serviced apartments, feel free to contact us!

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