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Differences between Serviced Apartments and Hotel Rooms

As the population grows, travelers encounter many difficulties during their trips and one of them is not knowing what kind of accommodation type to choose. But recently, with the growing accommodation business, the days where the only accommodation option was the hotels are behind. Short or long-time travelers and business travelers can now choose to stay in serviced apartments.

Serviced apartments are fully-furnished apartments to rent for short or long-term stays. There are many differences between serviced apartments and hotel rooms and this guide will help you to choose the reasonable accommodation option for your trip.

1. Living Space in Serviced Apartments and Hotels

Hotels may be a good option for a few days’ trips. However, if you have little money, you may end up staying in a tiny hotel room as the bigger hotel rooms come with a premium price. On the other hand, even a studio-type serviced apartment can offer you 40-50% more living space than hotel rooms. So, you’ll have more freedom to put your stuff and stay comfortably.

2. Kitchen Space in Serviced Apartments and Hotels

Usually, hotel rooms don’t have a kitchen space. Even if they have, they’re not fully equipped to cook your meals. On the other hand, serviced apartments provide fully equipped kitchens, so you can cook homemade meals and a refrigerator to store your ingredients and drinks. It means that while you’re eating healthy, you can also save money.

3. Length of Stay in Serviced Apartments

As you all know, most of the hotels are for short-term stays. However, you can stay in a fully furnished apartment for a month or longer. It’s however you wish! It isn’t easy to stay in a hotel room for more than a month. If you’re a business traveler and have no idea the duration of your trip, fully furnished serviced apartments are right up your street. Serviced apartments offer you all kinds of the comfort of a home.

4. Luxury in Serviced Apartments and Hotels

Some serviced apartments may lack luxury compared to hotels, while hotels may offer you room service, an on-site restaurant, spa, or breakfast. However, serviced apartments also have luxury furniture, a fitness center, pool, terrace, roof deck, and resident lounges. Most of them are also pet-friendly. And the most crucial feature of the serviced apartments is that they have wi-fi included in the cost, while most hotels are still charging extra for it.

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