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Montenegro is a prosperous country in terms of history and culture. Almost every region of Montenegro offers history, culture, museums, and many places to visit. Civilizations living in Montenegro throughout history left their marks here. Montenegro is now waiting for tourists with all its historical, cultural, and natural beauties. With its maritime museums, coastal views, and historical ruins, it offers a unique experience to those who come as tourists or those who prefer Montenegro to live. Would you like to experience the true spirit of Montenegro? Here are the historical places you must see in Montenegro!

Perast Museum

Perast is a fairy-tale medieval town and is under Unesco’s protection, which can be reached in 15 minutes by car from Kotor. The Bujovic Palace, located on the seafront, is referred to as Perast Museum. The museum, built with Renaissance architecture, is one of the most pleasant buildings in the Adriatic. There are maritime artifacts in the museum. When you come to Kotor, we recommend you to see the Perast museum.

National Museum of Montenegro, Cetinje

There are Montenegro pictures, traditional clothes, original documents from the Second World War, and posters. The most beautiful detail about the museum is that it displays the history of Montenegro in chronological order. In addition to the Neolithic age remains, the artifacts from the wars that took place here are carefully exhibited. If you want to understand and feel the history, don’t forget to visit the National Museum of Montenegro.

Money Museum

All banknotes and coins used between 1906 and 1996 are exhibited in the Money Museum. When you come to Montenegro, you will see all the money used here and prove history. You will be interested in the historical stages as coins move from Perper to Euro.

Lady of the Rock

Perast is a cute town from the Middle Ages. The Lady of the Rock Island is also located in the town of Perast. There is a church, historical monuments, and a small museum in the church on the artificial island formed by the stones thrown by the sailors who have visited the island for years. Baroque paintings from the 17th century in the church are worth seeing and have a special place for Montenegrins, both culturally and historically. You can reach this island by boats departing from the beach. You can rent a car from Kotor to the beach.

Sveti Nikola Church

Sveti Nikola Church was built in the 1600s and now has the feature of being a clock tower. Located in Perast town square, the church is 55 meters high and has a magnificent view over the islands in Perast. Don’t forget to add Sveti Nikola among the places you need to see.

Montenegro Ethnographic Museum

The Montenegrin Ethnography Museum, which exhibits embroidery, handicrafts, textiles, jewelry, and art collections, was established in 1951. Montenegro shows its cultural richness with more than 4000 artifacts. Don’t forget to add the Montenegro Ethnography Museum to your travel list!

You can explore all these historical and cultural beauties in Montenegro. After traveling and admiring this lovely, peaceful Balkan country, you will want to get a residence permit here!

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