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Montenegro is preferred for living with its developing economy, relatively affordable living costs, low tax rates, the process of accession to the European Union, and natural beauty. Those who want to make a smart investment here also want to take advantage of the European Union process. In Montenegro, which is suitable for living in every sense, we will examine which cities are more suitable for living and the cities’ characteristics.


Tivat is at the top of the list of the best cities for a peaceful life in Montenegro. Tivat is the most beautiful place you can choose to live on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. Besides its relaxed atmosphere and unique nature, you will also find the luxury you are looking for here. It offers many beauties to those who live and invest in natural bays, touristic places, and sandy beaches. Tivat airport is only 3 km away, and thus, you can easily reach it because of its centrality. However, the luxury lifestyle it offers you, prices are relatively affordable compared to other European cities! We strongly recommend that you buy a property in Tivat and live there.


Kotor is another famous Montenegrin city you can choose to live in. Luxury life and natural beauty fascinate visitors. Also, Kotor Old Town and historical buildings are included in Unesco Heritage. Since the Kotor region, which has a historical texture, is located in the bay, it offers a colorful life. Restaurants, museums, and cultural atmosphere await you. According to Tivat, the weather in Kotor can be a little colder and drier in winters. This is because it is located in the innermost part of the bay. You can choose the middle regions of the bay for a sunny, quiet, peaceful life! It will be an excellent experience to explore a bay every day, especially while living in the Kotor-Tivat region.


The city of Podgorica has some differences compared to Montenegro’s coastal towns that are more lively and active than inner cities like Podgorica. Coastal sections; It includes more natural beauties with its tourist attractions, sea, and beaches. Podgorica offers you a simpler life. Besides, it provides a cheaper cost of living.


Budva is one of the popular cities preferred for a vacation with its magnificent mountains, long beaches, festivals, and lively life. It has become popular with tourists coming here thanks to being one of the most historic places on the Adriatic coast and its long sandy beaches. If you are looking for a more peaceful and quiet place to live in Montenegro, we can recommend the Sveti Stefan side in Budva or another city Tivat-Kotor.

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