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When planning a trip, travelers have numerous options, one of which is the type of accommodation to reserve. The days of staying at a hotel are long gone. Instead of staying in a hotel, pleasure and business travelers on lengthy trips can now opt to stay in serviced apartments.

When planning a trip, travellers have numerous options, one of which is the accommodation type to reserve. The days of staying at a hotel are long gone. Instead of staying in a hotel, pleasure and business travellers on lengthy trips can now opt to stay in serviced apartments.

Serviced apartments are entirely furnished residences that may be rented for short or lengthy periods. There are a few distinctions between serviced apartments and hotels, and understanding them will aid you in deciding which is best for your forthcoming trip. Here are some reasons why serviced apartments will be the future of real estate investment soon.

1. They are Roomy

Nothing is more frustrating than arriving at your pre-arranged lodging after a lengthy flight or road journey to discover that you’ve been assigned a packed shoebox room. Serviced apartments offer a large living area with plenty of room to relax and unwind. Serviced apartments are 30% larger than hotel rooms on average, making them an excellent choice for people, particularly families with children. A kitchen, living room, and bedroom are also the standard features of serviced residences. These may be present in a single studio space or a one or two-bedroom apartment. It also facilitates travel for individuals who wish to continue preparing meals or save money on food while on vacation.

2. Better for Family Vacations

Travelling with the family can be difficult at times, but you can make family vacations less stressful with the convenient services. Serviced accommodations offer enough space to escape the claustrophobic sensation of having the children in the same room with their parents. There are also play spaces and activities for the family, such as large pools and BBQ areas and adult spa and sauna choices. If we think about the growing families and expanding world population, we can say that people will prefer serviced apartments over hotel rooms sooner than we expect.

3. Housekeeping at Its Best

When you stay at home, you have to deal with the difficulties of cleaning up every day, so you don’t have to live in your filth. Many people choose a hotel room because they want some service while they are out for the day, such as having the bed made and putting in new towels, and some hotels won’t even give this service until you stay for a predetermined amount of time. On the other hand, a serviced apartment allows you to remain in comfort and elegance while also receiving excellent cleaning services. Serviced apartments frequently include cleaning and daily linen and towel care, so you won’t have to lift a finger throughout your visit. That also means that if you be an investor of a serviced apartment under the guidance of a real estate investment company, you’ll have a preferred accommodation option without dealing with the maintenance of the flat.

4. It’s Both Great for Business and Pleasure

You can’t beat the convenience of a serviced apartment, whether you’re searching for a place to stay with the whole family or a place to stay while on a work trip. Business travellers passing through cities will occasionally desire to stay somewhere that isn’t a hotel room in solitary. Those who need to conduct conference calls and business meetings over the phone or online might use the serviced apartment. A serviced apartment is an excellent alternative for business travelers since it provides all of the conveniences needed to complete your job in comfort.


With the changing expectations of visitors wanting a location to stay and work from, a serviced apartment now offers additional perks that were previously overlooked. Furthermore, because the lettings are for shorter durations, the owner will be able to make occasional use of their home if they like, which may be ideal if you visit an area where you own an investment property regularly. As a property strategy, serviced accommodation can make significantly more rental revenue than buildings that are rented for more extended periods and much more preferred than hotel rooms.

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