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Just because winter months are at our doorstep, it doesn’t mean that you should cancel your travel plans and stay at home until the weather is warm again. There are countless travel destinations made for winter, and most of them are actually within the Balkan region. If you haven’t considered traveling to Montenegro in winter, we definitely recommend adding it to your wish list!

The Reasons for Visiting Montenegro in Winter

1. It’s a cheap place to travel when money is low.

Now, let’s be honest for a moment; we know that everyone’s a little short on cash after long summer vacation. However, Montenegro is a cheap place to visit compared to the other winter holiday destinations. It’s a place that allows you to see and do more for less! You can quickly buy a cheap plane ticket, make an accommodation reservation. Once you arrive there, the food isn’t too expensive either!

2. More to see with a fewer crowd.

It’s easier to explore a place when groups are fewer. During the winter months in Montenegro, most people prefer to stay at their cozy homes. That means more space for you to wander around and more time to spend while exploring cities without any urgency. We can say that in Montenegro, even the country’s biggest tourist attractions will just have a handful of people during the winter months.

3. Plenty of Photos to Share on Instagram

While fewer people are wandering around, you’ll be able to take plenty of Insta-worthy pictures. There will be no crowds, long lines, and people in your photos.

4. Montenegro is Cheaper during Winter

Winter in Montenegro is also when the prices are at their lowest. And it’s applied to a full range of services, from car rental to the cost of food in stores. Montenegro is also one of the few countries in the world where the grocery prices depend on the tourist season.

Weather in Montenegro During Winter

Sure, you won’t be able to have a sunbathe on the beach or find a single cruise ship in Montenegro during winter. However, Montenegro isn’t that cold in winter.  It’s often pleasant during the day but cold at night along the coast. It may snow around the mountains, but it’s rare to snow in cities.

As you can see, Montenegro is not just a destination for a vacation during summer. There are many things to enjoy while being in Montenegro in winter. And as for the accommodation, we highly recommend serviced apartments in Montenegro for investors and business people. Royal Blue Montenegro project is one of them. Under the leadership of API Group and its relationships formed over the last years, you can actually have a pleasant winter vacation with our serviced apartments with their breathtaking view of the Adriatic Sea and mountain view. If you decide to be an investor in Montenegro but also to enjoy the authentic lifestyle of it, Royal Blue Montenegro is the right place for you since it gives you the opportunity to use the property at certain times for your usage.

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