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The definition of luxury changes as individuals, societies, businesses, and cultures do. Today, “luxury” means moving away from expensive and exclusive goods and toward more genuine, inclusive, healthy, and personalized ones. In a nutshell, the luxury market trends of the 21st century have altered, and people are now concerned with finding themselves again through self-care, mindfulness, and social awareness. Authenticity, self-love, and empowerment are crucial to this new global change. In place of possessing things, people are looking for new methods of “being.” They want to live the “luxury experience.” This is where luxury serviced apartments like our Royal Blue Montenegro complex come in. As high-end consumers seek an all-encompassing luxury lifestyle, there is a growing demand for deluxe accommodation that offers a better luxury experience than just a more expensive residence. This post will explore the emerging concept of luxury experiences and how it relates to the serviced apartment model.

2022 Luxury Market Trends

This year, the luxury market trend is toward redefining “personal luxury” to mean “offering customized high-end experiences.” In the aftermath of the pandemic, after time for introspection, people are less concerned with owning things and more concerned with living well. Luxury experiences should flow naturally and feel intuitive and effortless. These encounters should be life-changing, bring us to life, touch our souls, and help us reconnect with our true selves.

The sustainable living and wellness sectors are cooperating with the luxury experience market. This is happening with high-end businesses because wellness and sustainability often cost more. Hotels have created luxurious accommodations that prioritize health by providing options like yoga, wholesome food, and spa services. Self-care has grown significantly in the luxury experience market and is an excellent justification for costly purchases.

Luxury Experiences are Leading the Market

The fastest-expanding segment for luxury goods in 2022 is luxury experiences, which include luxury accommodations and restaurants. The easing of travel restrictions, pent-up consumer demand, and the anticipated return of wealthy tourists are all assisting this sector. Consumers are looking for more valuable and purpose-driven products in the post-pandemic environment, taking fewer vacations while spending more time and money on luxury travel.

Luxury travelers today expect more from their surroundings than just stylish accommodations. They need modern conveniences and services that go much beyond the necessities. They also prioritize obtaining a distinctive and customized experience. We can see the effects of this shift when we look at changes in high-end hotels. Luxury hotels are increasingly featuring concierge service as a standard feature. The competitive advantage now distinguishing luxury hotels from the competition is individualized service that meets each visitor’s unique wants. The changing tastes of modern travelers best illustrate the evolution of hospitality. Now, they want more personalized services and more control over what they do during their stay.

Furthermore, hotels are introducing futuristic amenities, including robot concierges and comprehensive apps that are keys to all hotel and in-room amenities. Even Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are being added to the list of amenities at hotels. Making coffee and turning on the lights are no longer the only considerations. These gadgets also connect visitors to concierge services, which can make reservations for desired activities and events and provide recommendations for nearby eateries and sights.

This is all very impressive, but is there a better alternative for luxury experiences than luxury hotels?

Luxury Serviced Apartments are the Best for Luxury Experiences

In response to the pandemic, health and well-being have become more important in every part of people’s lives. Growing recognition of the value of holistic health is driving demand for premium wellness offerings, and numerous luxury brands are already profiting from the more health-conscious consumer. The most recent Consumer Lifestyles Survey (2022) by Euromonitor International found that 63% of respondents worldwide exercise at least once a week, and 37% of respondents worldwide anticipate an increase in spending on health and wellness in the coming year. More luxury firms will be compelled to prioritize their customers’ physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being due to changes in socioeconomic, behavioral, travel, and purchasing trends.

Thanks to this increasing desire for well-being, luxury serviced apartments offer the same level of service as five-star hotels and are becoming increasingly popular. Luxury serviced apartments like our stunning complex at Royal Blue Montenegro are now more widely available. Our luxury serviced apartments are located in one of the most prestigious areas of the region, close to the exclusive Porto Montenegro Marina. They offer the height of luxury experiences with breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea and mountains and feature a wealth of Zen Concept amenities. Clients can live with the best of well-being amenities, including an infinity pool, spa, gym, and yoga and pilates area. There is also access to the exclusive Royal Blue Beach.

Previously, luxury serviced apartments were only available to a select few highly qualified clients. Now families, groups of friends, and vacationers seeking more privacy, independence, and space than hotels can provide are drawn to these deluxe accommodations.

Enter the World of Luxury Experiences with Royal Blue Montenegro

In the upcoming years, these trends will continue to grow and evolve, maintaining luxury experiences and luxury travel at the pinnacle of the hospitality industry. As selective clients strive to fulfill their luxury expectations, luxury hospitality features must become more personalized, immersive, and innovative. Invest in Montenegro real estate today and secure the luxury lifestyle that will give you a perfect retreat and an excellent investment asset. Contact us to discover the luxury world of serviced apartments at Royal Blue Montenegro 

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