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Montenegro is one of the safest nations in all of Europe, a distinctive fusion of Balkan and Mediterranean civilizations. Despite being a new nation, it is truly a cultural feast with its old structures and streets that look like they belong in a Middle Ages movie. The convergence of cultures is best experienced at elaborate Montenegro events. When you attend cultural Montenegro events, you truly see how accepting, hospitable, and diverse the Montenegrins are. Royal Blue Montenegro is close to Tivat’s historical and natural wonders and offers the best base if you are planning to visit Montenegro and experience authentic and lively Montenegro events. In our luxury serviced apartments, which were constructed with Zen luxury and communal living spaces, you will be able to experience all the beauty of Montenegro in addition to the view of the Adriatic Sea. Let’s explore some unmissable Montenegro events.

Bokeljska Noc- Boka Night

Boka Night, a celebration held on the third Saturday in August, is one of the best Montenegro events in summer. The first festivities were reportedly held in the 19th century, and the event acquired its name in Boka Bay, where Kotor is located. As a visitor, expect noisy celebrations, dazzling fireworks, and traditional boat parades. Multiple colorful boats adorned with magnificent decorations glide along the bay one after the other, and the spectacle is an excellent example of the artistic flair of the Montenegrins. The best boat receives a special award, and the festivities are punctuated with a dramatic firework display. The celebration is lively, with everyone in the city dancing and singing in the Kotor squares. Boka night is one of the most well-attended Montenegro events, drawing thousands of people each year.

Mimosa Festival

If you want to experience one of the Montenegro events that captures the spirit of Montenegro, we recommend the Mimosa Festival. Don’t be mistaken; the festival does not celebrate the well-known cocktail but honors the Mimosa tree. This beautiful tree blooms with magnificent yellow flowers in February and represents liberty, compassion, and sincere love. In Herceg Novi, the mimosa tree is a sign of the arrival of spring and sunshine and is thought to bring luck in both love and the workplace.

The quaint village of Herceg Novi, near the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, hosts the Mimosa Festival from January to March each year, founded by the Novi Municipality and the Tourism Alliance of Boka Bay in 1969. Locals decorate the streets with soft petals that cover the entire city. Traditional music and the street parades’ colorful costumes add even more vibrancy to the day.

The festival program is extraordinarily comprehensive, with exhibitions, concerts, literary and theatrical performances in home productions, guest appearances by well-known artists from the area, and presentations of the cultures and culinary traditions of nations and towns close to Herceg Novi. A wind orchestra performs and marches alongside lovely majorettes throughout the two-week festival. Local women fry fish for onlookers across Herceg Novi in the streets, squares, and beaches. Every corner hosts masked balls and parades, and artists congregate to display their fine art, sculptures, or performances. The event ends with the arrest and burning of a large doll representing the evil spirit that had terrorized the community the year before. Due to Herceg Novi’s exceptionally favorable environment, this delightful Montenegro event attracts up to 20,000 visitors each year.

Boćanje Olympics – Tivat

If you are looking for Montenegro events in sporting, this is it! As the oldest recreational sport in Tivat, boćanje is a Mediterranean sport comparable to contemporary bowling. This intriguing annual sporting event in Tivat takes place every summer in July and August. The Tivat Bowling Olympics feature contestants from Tivat and many other cities in Montenegro and worldwide. The game takes place in a field locally known as a ‘Zog,’ where two teams compete. Since the rules are clear and everyone plays by them, no referees keep the game in order. Due to its uniqueness, the game’s ancient folk rules make it a popular tourist attraction. Attending this event is a great way to immerse yourself in traditional Montenegrin culture by watching the adept players and mingling with the local spectators.

Summer Carnival in Kotor

The fairytale port city of Kotor delights in hosting visitors from all over the world annually from July 30 to August 2 for the summer carnival. This Montenegro event has festivities celebrating the country’s diversity with exquisite costumes. People in elaborate disguises march around the charming old town’s streets, displaying the creative, eye-catching costumes they have made, especially for this occasion. Some people dress as their favorite fictional characters from movies and video games, and others wear traditional and themed disguises. The result is a vibrant mix that spreads its sense of humor to every spectator.

Every year, the Kotor flag is ceremoniously raised at Saint Tryphon Square to kick off the Carnival, followed by a short concert. The Fisherman’s Fest is a gastronomic event that starts on the festival’s first day, where you can sample various fish species, regional cuisine, and local wines. A few events—theater productions, concerts, workshops, etc.—are geared toward kids. Additionally, several smaller gatherings and performances are held throughout the city to enhance its tourist appeal.

The International Summer Carnival Parade, the most significant event of the Carnival, is held on the final day. Local and international carnival groups perform in front of the crowd while mingling with onlookers wearing fantastic masks. Around nine o’clock in the evening, the parade leaves from the main road and goes down the street to the Old Town, where the celebrations continue well into the night. All bars, cafes, and restaurants are crowded with local and international celebrators, and loud festive music can be heard until dawn.

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