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Montenegro is famous in the construction and investment sector by developing tourism activities, the European Union’s process, increasing welfare level, natural beauties, peaceful atmosphere, and being a safe country. Large-scale projects, residences with luxurious common areas, holiday villages, and hotels are being built. With the expansion of the property and the construction sector, its economy is developing and has even more development potential. We will explain the reasons for the development in Montenegro’s construction sector, the favorite of investors recently.

⦁ Factors such as the increase in the student population throughout Montenegro and the ease of obtaining a residence permit have also increased the real estate sector.

⦁ The fact that Montenegro joins the European Union has also positively affected the construction industry. Investing in real estate here before the European Union’s accession will increase the value of the property in a few years. Compared to other European countries, the relatively low house prices and low investment costs make it more advantageous than other European countries. Both the real estate sector and the construction sector are developing rapidly to meet the increasing demand.

⦁ When it comes to natural beauties, wide sandy beaches, historical streets, Montenegro is a complete tourist paradise. Growing tourism has also enabled many hotel investments to be made. In addition to hotels, hotel concept luxury houses with large living spaces are also being built. In terms of tourism, homes on the Adriatic coast are also popular for holiday purposes. With meeting the increasing hotel-housing needs, the economy across the country has improved.

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Having a residence permit in Montenegro is also a more effortless procedure than other European countries. When you buy a property, you can get a temporary residence permit to be renewed every year. As a result of the development of the construction industry, many new living spaces, houses, and hotels where you can experience the natural beauty of Montenegro are being built. Many foreigners who come here are admired and want to get a residence permit. In the country with such natural beauty, of course, the quality of life increases. If you also want to buy a Montenegro property, you can review our RB Montenegro “Serviced Apartment” project. While the peaceful atmosphere stands out in the project, the view of Montenegro, with its pure nature, offers you a quiet life.

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While RB Montenegro provides you a luxurious life with the concept of “Serviced Apartment“, you also make a smart investment with an ever-increasing sales value. Royal Blue Montenegro with its peaceful atmosphere and Far East Zen design offers you more than you are looking for. Now is the time to invest with Montenegro’s final accession to the European Union!

At the same time, would you like to invest, buy a house, and live here with a residence permit? Now is the right time to invest in Royal Blue Montenegro, the best project you can invest in this beautiful country in the last phase of the European Union accession process!

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