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1. EU Membership

Montenegro is about the be accepted to EU membership, and this makes the country more valuable than ever. Buying a residence unit in Montenegro means you are also investing in the EU passport therefore the privileges that comes with it. And the best part is; your investment will return in a very short time, until 2025 to be more clear.

2. Affordable prices

Not yet being a member of the EU, Montenegro now is in a very affordable pricing range. Compared to other EU countries, for example the Golden Visa Countries, investing in Montenegro is much more beneficial considering your investment will increase at least %30 after entering to the EU. This gives Montenegro a price opportunity compared with the other European countries.

3. Location

Being located at the heart of Europe, Montenegro has a very strategic location. As a part of the Balkan peninsula, travelling to other countries is just a couple of hours by plane. This creates a very high advantage for tourism, trade and eventually for investment. Montenegro has a very long coast to the Adriatic Sea, which bounds Montenegro to Italy with only a few hours of sea travel.

4. Natural Beauty

Surrended by rocky mountains and calming sea, Montenegro is full of natural beauty. Being the home of one of the largest lakes of Europe, this valueble country is a big attraction to hickers, campers, fishers, and anyone who loves nature. As Montenegro have been a part of the history since the beginning of time, it’s natural beauty attracted many nations to build their homes there. It is always possible to find a 15-century-old church hidden behind a high hill!

5. Easy Citizenship Procedures

Montenegro is your perfect Plan B. Investing in a house will grant you the residence permit for a certain time period and if you decide to live in Montenegro, being a house owner will make it much easier to obtain the citizenship. As Montenegro is not yet accepted to the EU, this is an early investment in the EU citizenship. This means that now is the right time to make the smart move.

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