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As the concept of comfort becomes more significant day by day, serviced apartments are readily planned and in use for your long or short term travels, siding with the opportunity of being in the real estate investment world.

In these apartments you can feel the luxury of highly qualified hotel standards merged with the warmness of a house. There are lots of facilities all in one place! Infinity pools, with full sea views, that makes you get away from your daily routines and stressful life. Without any travelling  you can enjoy your time with the sun and the pool bar it is offered. You can keep up with your sports life easily with the fully-equipped gym saloons and take care of your body with the help of the instructors. Also with yoga and pilates studios you can meditate your mind with the physical action and maintain your mental health. And in the jacuzzi & sauna area you can ease up your mind for moments.

And while you enjoy the services given, we take care of your security 7/24 with the CCTV security system.

But the concept of the idea does not just focus on your time spent there as a tenant, but also gives you the chance to be the owner of the apartments. Whether you want to stay there yourself at any time of the year, you can also rent your place and take advantage of the ownership by actually having an investment on real estate. By scheduling your time depending on your wish, you can share your house and earn the usage rent out the remaining time.

Though it may seem like the conventional ‘timeshare’ owning; in fractional ownership you do not just own some particular time, but become the real estate investor and with the title you can take advantage of the place of which your serviced apartment is in, in any time with the apartments always being managed.

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