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Welcome to Montenegro’s Royal Blue Beach

Montenegro is a growing tourist destination, and it’s easy to understand why. The surroundings have imposing mountains, unspoiled beaches, and enchanting towns. This season has shown how it is becoming more and more common for international tourists to travel to Montenegro. Although the summer season has not yet ended, the 2022 season is predicted to outperform the data from 2019, a record year for tourism in the Balkan country. It certainly was the perfect season for the grand opening of our new venture in the city of Tivat, Royal Blue Beach. Given that Tivat does not have many beaches, we were delighted to be able to establish our upscale Royal Blue beach club there. Although there are more beach clubs further afield, this is one of only four genuinely located within the city.

We have contributed significantly to tourism in Tivat, firstly with the completion of our premium serviced apartments at Royal Blue Montenegro. Establishing our stunning beach club is our second significant achievement in boosting tourism in the area. Our new beach has brought numerous benefits to this part of Montenegro, which you may read more about below.

The Best Beach in Montenegro

Royal Blue Beach has been a thriving success throughout the summer. We have received incredible feedback from our satisfied customers, who come from various backgrounds, from locals and ex-pats to families and young travellers. Our concept was to create a space that caters to everyone, and the response we have received shows that we did just that. The beach currently offers both an exclusive beach entry with deluxe sun lounging space and sea access. We also have a top-notch bar and have created a unique menu with 12 new authentic cocktails that have proven to be a real hit. Impeccable service is at the top of our priority list, and we have brought music events to the venue at least three times per week throughout the season.

Throughout the summer, Royal Blue Beach has been a roaring success. We have received terrific feedback from our satisfied customers, who range from locals and expats to families and young visitors. The response we have received proves that we achieved our goal of creating a venue that serves everyone. Royal Blue Beach offers exclusive private beach entry, with opulent sunbathing areas and sea access. Additionally, we have a first-rate bar and a special menu with 12 new authentic drinks that have become hugely popular. Excellent customer service is our primary focus, and during the season, we have brought music events to the venue at least three times weekly. However, we don’t plan to stop there. Development plans for 2023 are underway and will include a deluxe restaurant area and a more significant expansion of the beach and its facilities. Travel to Montenegro in 2023 and see for yourself.

Connect to Montenegro Airport

Since it is situated so near to the entrance of the city center, Royal Blue beach’s location is ideal. Our beach is a perfect arrival or pre-departure stop-off point for tourists coming in and out of the bustling Montenegrin airport of Tivat, which is only 5 minutes away. Although Tivat International Airport is ranked second only to Podgorica International Airport, which serves the country’s capital, Tivat is the primary airport destination for beachgoers. This year’s airport was bustling, with multiple reported delays, so having somewhere nearby to rest while you wait is beneficial.

We created a gorgeous port at the beach club, which was inspired by the breathtaking landscape of Porto Montenegro. The port can accommodate speedboats and smaller vessels, so it can serve as a substitute for a land taxi for travellers who want to escape heavy traffic on the roads when going to the airport. Alternatively, anyone who wants to visit with Montenegrin flair can hop aboard a speedboat and arrive in style!

Invest in Real Estate in Montenegro

Investing in real estate is a great strategy to diversify your portfolio and earn a regular income. So, if you want to be a landlord but don’t want to deal with finding tenants or property upkeep, we have the perfect solution for you: Montenegro Serviced Apartments! As API Investment, one of the most well-known professional property investment organizations, we developed a one-of-a-kind investment strategy that offers over 50% better returns than residential rental properties. Your property will be maintained in top shape as part of our Royal Blue Montenegro Project. We will efficiently promote your apartment, so you won’t have to worry about finding reputable tenants. And, of course, when you travel to Montenegro, you can enjoy the luxury lifestyle our apartments have to offer.

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