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Why Montenegro is Becoming the Best Luxury Destination in Europe

Arguably the best luxury destination in Europe is Montenegro, which is displaying one of the highest growth rates in the continent. Since breaking from Serbia in 2006, the Balkan country has reinvented itself as a must-see destination for wealthy travelers seeking an unspoiled escape. Even though Montenegro is tiny, tourism there is booming as modern jet-setters, celebrities, and discerning tourists fall in love with its undiscovered beauty.

With five national parks, five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, six nature parks, two marine protected areas, three Ramsar sites, and numerous lakes, Montenegro is known as a country rich in natural diversity in a tiny region. In addition, it has a rich cultural, historical, and multicultural heritage and authentic gastronomy. Still, its potential is not entirely and sufficiently realized thus far, meaning it has excellent scope to develop into a year-round luxury destination.

Tourism in Montenegro

Although tourism is Montenegro’s largest sector, you won’t find tourists swarming the beaches and quaint towns. On the contrary, the Montenegrin government has made great efforts to demonstrate that the type of travelers they want are those looking for a high-end escape. The inhabitants of this nation are as hospitable and warm as the Mediterranean climate, and the country’s mountains, lakes, and the Adriatic Sea shoreline are all magnificent. Many recently renovated and built luxury hotels and restaurants have led some to refer to Montenegro as a luxury destination or the next French Riviera. In addition to the unspoiled terrain, abundant sunlight, and hospitable locals, these establishments have made Montenegro an exciting travel destination.

Growth in the tourism industry of Montenegro has increased significantly in the past decade or so. Let’s examine the data for the years 2009 through 2019. We can see a 119% growth in tourists, a 91% increase in overnight stays, and a 92% increase in overall income from tourism. Additionally, statistics suggest that more than 90% of tourist visits occur in the coastal region, primarily during the short summer season (June-September).

Development in Montenegro

A Governmental Pledge

The government of Montenegro is committed to the continuous development of tourism sustainably. The primary focus is on resource efficiency to promote tourism in Montenegro as a sustainable, embracing, environmentally friendly, and luxury travel destination. Implementing this will increase employment, raise living standards, help to secure more socioeconomic development, and increase the country’s global recognition.

The government wants to encourage greenfield investments to maximize the utilization of undeveloped coastal areas like Jaz Beach, Velika Plaza, Ada Bojana, and Buljarica. Such investments could transform Montenegro’s touristic relevance and elevate it to the status of a highly competitive luxury destination for excellent sustainable tourism. In addition, the Tourism Masterplan of Montenegro is also paving the way for a national development program for nature-based tourism, especially hiking and biking, with new infrastructure and services.


Impressive Recent Developments

Developments like ultra-luxury apartments, such as our project at Royal Blue Montenegro, and, of course, the incredible landmark of Porto Montenegro give a distinct indication of a bright future for Montenegro. Porto Montenegro has greatly enhanced Montenegro’s reputation as a luxury destination. Firstly, the marina offers a spectacular setting in the UNESCO-protected Bay of Kotor. Secondly, it is conveniently reachable by air, land, and sea. A delightful coastal town named Tivat is right outside your door, and a vast mountain range is beyond that. The Porto Montenegro Yacht Club is one of the marina’s most notable attractions. It has a picturesque 64-meter infinity pool that overlooks the harbor, a cutting-edge sports club, a sailing school, and a beach facility that hosts frequent events. As a result of this world-class superyacht destination, Montenegro has attracted both foreign investment and varied international clientele, adding to further development plans for the region.

The influx of discerning international travelers has increased the need for high-end accommodation in Montenegro. At Royal Blue Montenegro, we responded to this need by developing our set of luxury serviced apartments in the Tivat municipality, just a short drive from Tivat airport and Porto Montenegro. A serviced apartment offers further benefits previously unavailable due to evolving visitor expectations for a place to work from or enjoy a vacation. You can periodically utilize your property as an owner because most tenants stay for brief periods. This strategy is ideal if you routinely visit an area where you own an investment property. Serviced accommodation is more popular than hotel rooms. It can provide significantly higher rental income as a real estate investment option.

Your Investment Opportunity in Montenegro

Life in Porto Montenegro is a reward in and of itself, according to its citizens. Aside from the picturesque landscape, rich cultural life, and growing foreign community, buying a property here offers a variety of other advantages, from becoming a Montenegrin citizen to making money from your property in this luxury destination.

You and your guests will live comfortably in our luxury serviced apartments at Royal Blue Montenegro. In addition to this, purchasing an apartment makes a great investment opportunity as tourism in Montenegro flourishes. We’ll handle every part of renting out your apartment. Our all-inclusive rental management and service solutions allow you to rest easy while we optimize your profits. Please participate in our webinar series to learn more about our serviced apartments investment opportunity or get in touch for detailed information on the project in Montenegro.


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