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Stage your Serviced Apartment like a Pro

Most people know about house staging for sales, but what about staging for serviced apartment rentals? Landlords frequently skip the step of staging a rental property. Remember that clients in the market for a serviced apartment aren’t just searching for a bare room—they’re looking for a high-class home. Therefore, it might be worthwhile to stimulate their creativity with some well-placed furnishings and enhance their experience with state-of-the-art technology. At Royal Blue Montenegro, our expertise in the serviced apartment sector gives us great insight into how to present the perfect luxury rental. For more information on how to stage a serviced apartment home that brings in excellent revenue, keep reading.

Identify Your Audience

Real estate investing offers more opportunities than ever before, especially for those looking to expand or advance their real estate portfolio. Because of its high-end amenities, the serviced apartment model is becoming increasingly appealing to clients. This encourages investors to enter the world of luxury serviced apartments, such as those provided by Royal Blue Montenegro.

So, what is the client profile for serviced apartments? Your property’s location influences this. For example, we chose Montenegro for our luxury serviced apartments because it appeals to a wide range of clientele. Because Montenegro is a growing tourist destination with a world-class marina, this area attracts high-end jet-setters, business travelers, and digital nomads. Consider the location of your serviced apartment and the nearby local attractions or city links to get a sense of who your property will attract.

The USP of a Serviced Apartment is Space

There is no doubt that the appeal of a serviced apartment is the abundance of space. Therefore, when you are staging your apartment, you need to highlight this aspect of the space. The interior design should be classy and uncluttered, and modern furniture groups should be arranged to encourage prospective tenants to imagine themselves living in the space. They should be able to picture themselves living in the apartment at first glance.

Also, more people than ever are trying to work flexibly or from home to get a better balance between work and life. This trend directly relates to travel, with a stronger emphasis on leading a healthier lifestyle. Workers can travel for business while also fitting in leisure activities thanks to the larger living area and high level of privacy offered by serviced apartments. So it would be best to cater to them by creating functional workspaces with comfortable chairs and a desk to accommodate a computer or laptop. By doing this, your serviced apartment will be much more appealing to a wider range of customers.

Set the Mood

Self-catering is a popular choice among tourists for a reason. They are looking for a second home where they can enjoy the privacy and independence of a high-end serviced apartment or villa. It can be unsettling to envision sterile interiors devoid of any personal touches. Simple additions like books on nightstands, magazines on coffee tables, candles, and a few stylish ornaments give the room a lived-in appearance and a welcoming feeling.

Lighting is vital for creating the right ambiance. A dull living room can be transformed into an enticing entertaining space or mellowed into a comfortable retreat with the right lighting. Use at least three sources of light in a room whenever possible. A space feels cozy and comfortable when overhead lighting is used with other light sources, such as lamps. Multiple lighting sources add depth and complexity to a room, making it more inviting.

Invest in Technology for your Serviced Apartment

The basics, such as WiFi and satellite TV connections, are a must. But what other technologies will give your serviced apartment a competitive advantage? Consider transforming your property into a smart home to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Here are a few ideas for smart home technologies.

Smart Lighting

With smart lighting, your clients can avoid using switches altogether and remotely control, schedule, or trigger lights using cameras, sensors, and other smart devices. Thanks to this, renters won’t ever have to leave or enter a dark space. All serviced apartments at Royal Blue Montenegro are fitted with fully automated smart home systems that control the lighting, automated curtain switches, and much more.

Smart Lock Systems

Having keyless entry is quite practical when your arms are full of groceries, luggage, or small children. Based on your smartphone’s location, a Smart door lock can lock and open doors. There is no need to keep track of a real house key or store a spare outside. Because Smart locks do not require physical keys to be duplicated, your property will have fewer unsecured entryways. This added security is a real selling point for clients. At Royal Blue Montenegro, we give you a digital key that you can connect to your device and use to easily get into your apartment.

Royal Blue Montenegro is the place to go if you want to buy property in Montenegro. Our unique model allows you to invest in Europe and purchase prime Montenegro real estate that will enhance your portfolio. With Montenegro’s upcoming accession to the European Union, now is an excellent time to invest in the country. Furthermore, when you invest in Montenegro real estate, you can benefit from the Montenegrin citizenship by investment program

You can get ideas for staging a serviced apartment by watching a video of a sample apartment at Royal Blue Montenegro or we can take the hassle out of your hands and stage it for you. Contact us and our sales representatives will give you more detailed information.

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