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Can foreigners buy property in Montenegro? What advantages does this have? What are the stages? We will talk about them in this article.

Montenegro’s law on foreigners answers all these questions. According to the law on foreigners, foreigners can buy a house from Montenegro as a real estate investment and thus have a residence permit. The procedure for foreigners to buy a house in Montenegro is relatively easy. The taxes are very affordable; they are advantageous compared to other countries. The health and education system is good. And for sure, Montenegro is a country to live in with its peaceful atmosphere.

Procedures for Foreigners Investing in Montenegro

You should decide well the property you intend to invest in Montenegro. Agree with the property owner about the money after deciding on the project. After that, you should complete the procedures of purchase with a good lawyer. After completing the purchase-sale contract, notary, and tax application stages, you can proceed to the fee payment section. The summary procedure is how the system works for foreigners in Montenegro. In the meantime, a translator who has a good command of the Montenegrin language will also be useful for you.

 Residence Permit for Foreigners in Montenegro

Foreigners can buy property as well as can get a residence permit. The residence permit you receive for 12 months is renewed every year. To have this privilege, you must spend at least 11 months of the year in Montenegro. After completing this process for 5 years, you can get a permanent residence permit!

Where to Choose Foreigners to Invest in Montenegro

If you are a foreigner considering investing in Montenegro, your choice should be the Kotor-Tivat region. This region is both central and highly valuable. Your real estate investment in Kotor-Tivat will always get the advantage. Since it is a tourist zone, you can easily rent it out. Enjoy your smart investment facing Tivat’s unique Adriatic view. So that, Royal Blue Montenegro is located in Tivat-Kotor and is only 10 minutes from Tivat airport. You will find the most beautiful shades of green and blue here.

The Most Advantageous HouseType to Buy  for Foreigners: Serviced Apartments

Serviced Apartments are the type of apartment that will raise the value of your property in Montenegro. You can rent it out quickly, as well as the rental value continually increases. The best feature of Serviced Apartments is that you can rent it daily or weekly, it also includes all the facilities provided by a 5-star hotel, but it is at home comfort. Royal Blue Montenegro is in the concept of a “serviced apartment” with the most comfortable and zen luxury.

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