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Montenegro is a magnificent location for tourists or those who want to live here, with kilometers of sandy beaches, the Adriatic Sea in every shade of blue, and unique natural landscapes. After you decide to travel to Montenegro, you will find the routes you need to visit, the activities you need to do, and all the Montenegro travel tips in this article.

1. Convert Your Money to Euros

Montenegro’s currency is the Euro. For this reason, we recommend you to have Euros with you for a taxi, transportation, hotel or activities. You can easily convert your money to Euros in the city.

2. Rent a Car or Bicycle!

The best way to move around Montenegro is to rent a car. There are dozens of bays waiting to be discovered and fantastic views awaiting you in these bays. Even the mountainous roads in Montenegro are entirely open to access. You can watch the sunset from every point of the bay by renting a car from Kotor right away.

3. Decide Your Hotel Before

Before coming to Montenegro, you can rent a hotel close to your travel route, and there are many hotel options suitable for you. By investing in our “serviced apartment” concept, Royal Blue Montenegro apartments in Montenegro, you can experience the luxury of a 5-star hotel and experience the comfort of owning a house in Montenegro.

4. Define Your Route

Although Montenegro is a small country, there are many places to visit. To be able to see everywhere, you need to determine your route well. For example, You can spend a few days in the Kotor-Tivat region and spend the next few days with cities located further inland, such as the capital Podriga. You can also review our article on places to visit in the Kotor-Tivat region.

5. Determine When To Go To Montenegro

Although tourists usually prefer summer months to come to Montenegro, November-March months are also active in winter tourism. While coastal cities and beaches are preferred in summer, mountain and lake holidays in the inland areas come to the fore in winter. Whatever season you choose, Montenegro offers an excellent holiday for you!

6. You Can Travel Safely Everywhere

Montenegro is one of the safest countries in the world. It is safe and comfortable for foreigners to travel, shop, eat, and drink here. Montenegrins are very tolerant. Here you can have a peaceful holiday without feeling foreign. There is no place in Montenegro that you should avoid for your holiday routes.

7.Give a Chance to Camping

Montenegro, the pearl of the Adriatic, has many camping routes. You can camp on long sandy beaches or in national parks in more mountainous regions. While camping, Montenegro will fascinate you with its breathtaking lake views and famous canyons. We especially recommend seeing the Tara River Canyon, which is on the Unesco World Heritage list.

A Peaceful Life, A Smart Investment in Montenegro

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