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If you are thinking of buying a house for both investment and vacation, Montenegro is the best option you can choose. What is the culture and life like in this charming Balkan country, which has attracted attention for those who are thinking of investing recently, those who want to settle in Montenegro or come on holiday?

Life in Montenegro

If you want to live in Montenegro, your choice may be coastal cities. It gives you the beauty of being a Balkan country and also being a Mediterranean country. For this reason, our recommendation is definitely to choose coastal cities. The most popular cities are Tivat, Bar, Budva, Kotor. These cities attract attention with their centrality and natural beauty.

When you travel around Montenegro, the first thing that catches your attention when you meet people is that people are tolerant and friendly. Also, seeing that the government thinks about the happiness and safety of citizens, you will want to live here. Montenegro is considered one of the safest countries in Europe. It is everyone’s dream to live a comfortable and safe life. When you make an investment here or come on holiday, you will see that everything is calm and peaceful here.

Opportunities in Montenegro

Montenegro has recently been providing opportunities economically, as real estate investments and tourism. The fact that the European Union accession process is at the last stage and the economic conditions of the country are constantly improving, it is very advantageous for those who want to do business here or want to invest. The number of tourists visiting Montenegro is increasing exponentially every year. Therefore, the tourism and real estate sector is popular. If you want to learn more about Montenegro’s EU accession process, you can read our article from here.

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Montenegrin Culture

Montenegro is literally the meeting point of cultures. It is a unique synthesis of Mediterranean and Balkan cultures. Although it is a young country, its historical buildings and streets resembling a movie scene from the Middle Ages are literally a cultural feast. When you start living here, you take the first step towards a peaceful life and culture. RB Montenegro is among the historical and natural beauties in Tivat city. In addition to the view of the Adriatic sea, you will be able to experience all the beauties of Montenegro in our apartments designed with Zen luxury and the common living facilities.

Residence Permit in Montenegro

When you buy a property in Montenegro, you get a temporary residence permit to be renewed every year. By obtaining a residence permit in Montenegro, you can find great opportunities in the country and experience all these advantages.

The Property Prices in Montenegro

House prices in Montenegro may vary from project to project. In Royal Blue Montenegro, there are apartments suitable for every budget. With the “Serviced Apartment” concept, you can own a 5-star hotel luxury at home, but at much cheaper prices than a hotel. We’ve kept the prices to a minimum so that you can experience all of these benefits.

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