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Montenegro is very advantageous in every respect for those who want to invest in real estate. It attracts investors with its increasing rental values, high economic standards, and residence permit privileges. If you are interested in home investment opportunities in this beautiful country, we will talk about real estate trends in Montenegro in this article that we hope to help you.

Luxury Homes are Popular in Kotor-Tivat Region

Montenegro is considered by the World Tourism Council as the fastest-growing tourism in the world in 10 years. So this is the case mostly for the Kotor-Tivat Bay area where the real estate market goes here. With its natural beauties, Adriatic view, and unique mountain view, the shore houses seem more attractive for those who want to buy. Montenegro’s growing tourism industry also positively affects property investment returns. Although it is possible to find a residence type suitable for every budget in Montenegro, the important thing is to buy a luxury house full of opportunities at affordable prices.

Royal Blue Montenegro allows you the opportunity to buy your home with the luxury of a hotel, with a view, and a comfortable home at affordable prices. You can contact our investment expert right now.

Residence Permit Opportunity Through Investment

When you invest in Montenegro’s real estate, you can have a residence permit to be renewed every year. Everybody’s dream to establish a life in this advantageous country, and you are only one home away from a peaceful life.

One of the reasons why the Montenegrin real estate sector has been so active in recent years is that the state supports giving residence permits to investors. The low tax opportunities offered by the state to investors also stimulate the real estate sector. If we consider economic stability, you can choose Montenegro for the most sensible real estate investment in this region.

Interest in Montenegro is Increasing from All Over the World

The Montenegrin real estate market has been seeing intense interest and growth, especially since 2019. In particular, demands increased from Western Europe, America, Russia, and the Middle East. As the real estate market gets more strong, government incentives continue to rise. Despite this growing interest, it is still possible to own a house in Montenegro at very affordable prices than other countries in the Mediterranean. Therefore, the process has become increasingly advantageous for investors. You can also review our article about the advantages of investing in real estate in Montenegro.

What’s Else in Montenegro?

Although Montenegro is a small country, it fascinates those who come here with its unique traditions, culture, and food. It is ideal for living in a peaceful atmosphere. You can also read our article about the advantages of owning a house here. Royal Blue Montenegro has thought of every detail carefully so that you can experience all the benefits of Montenegro. In RB Montenegro, the most beautiful Tivat region project, you can experience a peaceful life in touch with nature. Moreover, owning a house in the project designed with Zen luxury is affordable. You can get detailed information by contacting us now.

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